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Welcome to HPProTour.info, the location for statistics and information regarding the Horseshoe Pitching Professional Tour. Please come back often to get the latest information.

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  1. Speaking of Clarksville, the picture of their courts looks really nice.
    Are they clay or sand?

  2. Pitched in first Pro Tour at Chalybeate. Finished near bottom. Can’t wait to pitch again in Clarksville. Where else can I pitch a ringer against Brian Simmons and not have it cancelled?

  3. Have not yet pitched in a pro tour, but the prospects of doing so have changed the way I practice—pitching 30 shoe sets and aiming for the 15 or better money threshold for Div. II.

    What is the open division?

    • Clank,

      The open division is an opportunity for pitchers whose average is under the 40% division II cutoff to experience the HP Pro Tour tournament format.

      The pitching distances are mixed, entry fees are lower and the payouts are lower, but it’s still Round 1, Round 2 & then Finals.

      I hope you get a chance to pitch with us sometime this season.

      Mike Myers
      HP Pro Tour Statistician

  4. This is a very nice site, and very important to us, thanks for the work you do in getting the statistics up for everyone to access.